Saturday's D3 Daily Action: The attack on public lands continues -- now with logging. 


A new bill in the House offers a logging free-for-all...

...liberated from environmental impact studies, endangered species reviews, public input and comment, and judicial oversight. 

For too long, all that pesky forest science has been keeping commercial logging companies and their friends in Congress from cutting when and where they please on Federal Lands.

Termed the "Resilient Federal Forests Act," H.R. 2936 contains a number of key provisions: 

- Gives private landowners with easements over public land full ownership of that land
- Allows logging projects under 10,000 acres to avoid detailed environmental analysis
- Allows salvage logging projects under 10,000 acres without any analysis
- Allows unstudied logging, grazing, livestock infrastructure construction, and herbicide application under the guise of wildfire risk mitigation for areas under 10,000 acres
- Caps Endangered Species Act consultation for environmental issues arbitrarily at 90 days
- Grants the Forest Service unilateral authority to forgo Endangered Species Act consultation
- Severely limits public involvement timelines for large-scale projects on public lands
- Prohibits restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and injunctions pending appeal, severely limiting public oversight via the courts
- Erodes public oversight by extending logging projects' maximum duration from 10 to 20 years
- Diverts money from stewardship contracts and collaborative forest restoration to the Forest Service to plan additional timber sales
- Prohibits awarding of attorney fees when courts find the government broke the law
Removes enforceability of forest plans making them strictly advisory
- Redirects authority to determine harm to endangered species from the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service to land management agencies.

Our friends at the Center for Biological Diversity are running a petition against the bill now. Click here to learn more

Stay Strong America.