Friday's D3 Daily Action: Tell 5 friends what happened yesterday. A massive theft of American wealth is coming.


What happened in Congress yesterday is appalling, and we might all be paying the price for a generation.

Our Medicaid and Medicare cut by $1.5 TRILLION. Another $1 TRILLION in future federal cuts that remain unspecified. $1.5 TRILLION added to the deficit. 

All to justify and enable a boondoggle tax rebate for the top 1% that we're told will trickle down to all of us paying for these cuts. The President has claimed that "the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan" -- a statement that rated as patently false. 

Yesterday, Congress narrowly advanced Trump's budget and laid the ground for a coming tax overhaul, with 20 Republicans breaking to vote against it. Said Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): House Republicans "were asked to vote for a budget that nobody believes in so that we have the chance to vote for a tax bill that nobody's read." For more on the arcane rules that the House set in motion to allow the Senate to pass this massive change with just 51 votes, read here

Tell Me More?

For the internal party politics driving this colossal betrayal of working families, read on here. For the long view, and good links to share on social media, on who has benefited from past tax cuts and who is likely to benefit now, read on here and here.

We are facing an appalling theft of wealth from our country and working people, and polling shows that many voters know it

For more on what the budget will do to Colorado, see yesterday's post

This could backfire in time to be stopped. But regular Americans need to stand up. 

Get on social media and get on the street. Write your newspaper. Ask friends if they've heard about what happened. Ask neighbors how they feel about the programs we pay for being eviscerated just to give billionaires another break. Help people ask questions, be curious, investigate more, and reflect on what's happening in our country. 

...and Stay Strong America.