Wednesday's D3 Daily Action: A Special Request from our friends at CIRC


There are many victims of years of congressional inaction on immigration reform.

Ronald Reagan declared amnesty and created special measures to protect migrant children. George H. W. Bush extended these to some families. There was a time where officials of both parties could work to find compromise through legislation or executive branch action. In today's climate, none of that seems remotely possible. 

Without reform, our economy suffers. Our national security and criminal justice systems suffer. Our taxation, public income, schools, and social safety nets suffer. 

And millions of people suffer.

Melecio Andaloza of Colorado is one.

Melecio has worked in the U.S. since 1998 -- contributing to the economy as a hard-working construction laborer, paying sales and other taxes, building a life and a family and strengthening the American Dream. He has never committed a crime, but he is illegal.  

His four children -- one attending Yale -- are about to lose him to our senseless deportation policies. Melecio was detained under facetious pretenses in early October and is facing deportation to a place he hasn't seen in nearly 20 years. 

Our friends at the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition are asking for your help.

They are working to stop deportations of people like Melecio. To learn more about what happened to Melecio and to sign their petition for his stay of removal, please click here

Bonus mission: Read one important study on how immigrants are playing an outsized role in business and job growth in the U.S., and one report on how NAFTA and other trade policies displaced millions of Mexican workers. 

D3 Indivisible supports common sense immigration reform that addresses the terrible human and economic tolls of our broken system. 

Stay Strong America!