Sunday's D3 Daily Action - Are you using film effectively as an organizer or community activist?


Stories change the world and how we see it. 

Are you using the power of film as well as you could as a change-maker in your community? 

Film showings and online sharing can be a great way to build power in your community: 

1. Film showings are less intimidating than other types of events and bring new people out and inspire them to action

2. Film showings can be fun social events to retain members and deepen relationships

3. Film showings give members and attendees a common experience to share and discuss

4. Films can educate your members and community about specific topics.

First - How can I legally show films in public?

If you've ever tried to show a copyright film in public, you know it can be a hassle -- the Federal Copyright Act requires you to purchase a "public performance license" (aka umbrella license) to show such works. Buying a film only gives you the right to watch it in a private home or with a few friends, not to play it at the park or a public library. Even if you're a non-profit. 

Libraries, K-12 schools, and universities/colleges get really good deals on film performance licenses and are very likely already subscribed to license programs and know what to do. They're also great places to attract new audiences from youth to working people and retirees. Alternatively, check with local theaters and bars that have shown films recently.

If you want to go it alone, you can often get a license for $200-600, depending on the film and your event. You can contact the distribution company for the particular film for a price quote.

Where Can I Find the Good Stuff?

Rotten Tomatoes keeps a best 100 documentaries of all time list, and is a great resource to search reviews on new documentaries

Here's another strong top 100 documentaries list

For at-home viewing, Netflix offers more than you might think. Here's one list of its top documentary options.

With so many new films coming out all the time, it's worth a Google search every now and then. Here's one list of 2017's best documentaries so far and where to find them. 

Today's Action: Check in with your local group and chat how you could be using regular film showings to build power and reach your goals!


Stay Strong America!