Wednesday's D3 Daily Action: Fusion GPS fights back on the Congressional bait-and-switch. Read their story. 


Congress has been picking at strawmen for years. But nothing quite like this. 

The Steele Dossier has been in the news and rightly so. Produced by a former British intelligence officer commissioned by the research firm Fusion GPS, it alleges significant collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents and that Trump was played by Putin for years before his candidacy, in addition to pointing to many unseemly relationships between murky Trump business interests and criminal elements in Russia and beyond. And some downright aberrant stuff that isn't fit for our PG-rated Daily Actions here.  

Instead of looking into any of the allegations contained in the dossier, Congress has turned it's sights to the investigating firm itself, repeatedly subpoenaing Fusion GPS but refusing to release their testimony and disclosures to the public. 

Today, Fusion GPS fired back in the New York Times - and their story is pretty remarkable. 

Read it Here. 

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