Tuesday's D3 Daily Action: Pray for Snow. And Read Some Good News on Climate Action in the U.S. 


Colorado may be months behind on winter, but the US is moving on without Trump. 

Trump may be sticking his tweet thumb in the eye of everyone not on the Koch Brothers climate-denying dole while wildlife photographers stumble on starving polar bears in the Arctic, but the rest of the scientifically-literate world isn't waiting to act. 

A dozen states and growing just agreed in December to additional reductions in greenhouse gases. New Democratic governors in Virginia and New Jersey are signing their states up. 

Colorado got its own climate pledge in 2017 under Governor Hickenlooper, though his pledge punted on any binding emissions reductions targets. The 2018 State Legislative Session soon to begin will see various parts of the Governor's plan up for consideration and funding, including electric vehicle infrastructure across the state. 

Stay Cool America.