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resources and guides to help your Team get organized for effective coalition building

Policy Tracker Toolkit  - A Guide to Getting Started

  1. Educate yourself and your team on how to create strong, withstanding coalitions in promotion of sustainable policy relevant to your issue.
  2. Connect your group with the Local/State/National Legislative Tracking Group
  3. Ask: “What do we need to win?”
  4. Source the relevance to Western Colorado
  5. Develop an opposable mind - understand the other side's argument better than your own
  6. Focus on how to facilitate and channel your energies in a positive and constructive way
  7. Come up with actions that relate directly to what is at risk
  8. Work on events and use the coordination of others groups to facilitate your plan
  9. Believe in the longevity of the fight and the strong power curve

After Your Meeting

Always take a moment to fill out the online Post Meeting Report Form - thank you! 


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