D3 Summit Evaluation Form 

Thank you for attending the D3 Summit! Please take a moment to fill out the following evaluation form so that we can learn how to make events like these better for the future. 

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Please rate the following statements:
The Summit Workshops were the most valuable
The Candidates Forum was the most valuable part of the Summit
The Opening and Closing talks were my favorite part of the Summit
Social time to network was the most valuable part of the Summit
Hosting the D3 Summit on a Friday was a great choice
July is the perfect month for the D3 Summit
Compared with other events of this kind that I’ve attended, this was the best
A 1-day Summit was the perfect length
I would prefer a 2-day Summit
The D3 Summit should happen every year
I feel it is important to bring together the diverse voices of District 3 in one location/IN PERSON again in the next 6 months
I would be interested in working with D3 Indivisible to host a District 3 Colorado event/gathering in my town/region
I feel like we found a candidate to represent District 3 in the US House of Representatives at this event